Become an early investor in VRAP and enjoy long term benefits!

Follow the below steps to Buy VRAP πŸ‘œ:

1.) Visit the Sale page through by visiting:

2.) Connect your Binance Smart Chain Wallet (top-right hand corner).

Note : The Balance will be " - ", if the wallet is not connected with the VeraSwap website

3.) Click on the "Buy Now" button :

Your VRAP balance (if any), will be displayed as soon as the wallet connection is success.


3.) Enter the amount of BNB to buy VRAP and click on "Buy Now".


4.) You can see the Purchase Response :


5.) You can also track your transaction status on the bscscan explorer :


6.) Your VRAP balance will be updated once the transaction is Success:

If the balance is not updated automatically, try to reconnect the wallet by refreshing the webpage.
Last modified 8mo ago